All Thread Studs

All thread studs, also known as continuous threaded studs or fully threaded studs, are designed for use in applications that entail high tension. Thread studs are ideal in high tension operations because the threaded design prevents slip and ensures the tightest possible fit. Available in a wide variety of materials, continuous threaded studs can be used in both industrial and commercial applications. Texthread's all thread studs are available with both right hand and left hand thread directions to comply with any application.

Stainless Steel Threaded Studs

Threaded stud materials include stainless steel and exotic materials. Stainless steel all thread studs provide strong tensile strength, and are available in a variety of thread sizes and lengths. Stainless steel threaded studs are used most often due to their corrosion-resistance and great tolerance of high temperatures. 

The continuous threaded studs Texthread manufactures and distributes are high quality and competitively priced. Texthread also furnishes stud bolts in a complete range of platings and coatings.




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